All animals, fowl, fish, etc., have a way to communicate with their species. We have experimented electronically, with fish. We find that each species make a different high frequency sound. Take for instance, Bass fingerlings, you get in a boat, and toss 5 or 6 of them every 20 feet, or if you have no boat, walk as far as you can in the water, and scatter sparingly around the pond, they will immediately dart for cover, with no sound. If you dump a hundred of them in one spot, they immediately start chattering, communicating with each other. In a crowd they feel safe. The feeding instinct of predator fish are programmed to that sound, the sound the small fish make when they are in danger. Bass will swim 200 feet to that sound, and Pike will appear on the scene in minutes, and then a Smorgasbord takes place. It is imperative, that you scatter your fish. If you use a motor boat, churn the water well, to disorinate the large fish, then scatter the fingerlings. For new ponds, you need not take any precaution, it is wise to stock our #6 Complete Farm Pond Stocking, and you will have the right amount of Predator and Forage Fish, for proper growth.