WARNING!!!! If you like to eat fish for your health, the only kind of fish that are safe to eat are pond raised fish in unpolluted water.
Many of the fish in the Great Lakes have Mercury and PCB’s in them and make most of them unsafe to eat. The Health department tells us not to eat fish more than once per week for safety from some areas.
Many of our frozen fish are shipped from Japan, Korea and Brazil, these fish are caught in polluted waters, that are loaded with human waste, garbage and poisons.
A few years ago, fish were poisoned from a Russian plutonium accident. Fish were affected in the waters surrounding Norway, Sweden and Denmark especially the Salmon. These fish are caught by commercial fisherman and shipped to this country and sold as fresh frozen or canned.
Many Florida lake waters have signs posted, that any fish caught south of Highway 41 are not to be eaten, as they are mercury and PCB poisoned. Some predator fish in the Everglades have as much as 3.0 Mercury RRM. Fish containing 0.5 are safe to eat, once a week, but should not be eaten by pregnant women or children.
This poisoning of the fish and waters is caused by Industrial waste, and the heavy spraying of the orange groves and vegetable fields. Chlorine is the fish life’s main enemy, it is used in city sewage plant5, they chlorinate the sewage and dump the water in every stream, river and ocean.
Neither trimming nor cooking will remove Mercury, PCB’s, or Copper Sulfate out of fish once contaminated. Keep this in mind when you are about to use chemicals in a pond or lake.
All the contaminates found in fish can be injurious to human health. The ingesting over a period of time will lead to tumors, reproductive failure, birth defects, liver and mental disorders. The list is long and depressing.
It is a fact that by eating fish, that are high in Mercury and PCB’s, damage can be caused to brain cells, especially in babies and young children. Many of the toxic substances cause cancer and memory loss in the elderly.
We can reduce our exposure to toxic substances by raising our own fish in our own ponds.
In the last two years, many fish brokers went into business hauling cheap fish out of polluted waters, buying them cheap and selling them to unsuspected pond owners that is why we recommend having your own pond and buying from a reputable source, that way you will know what kind of fish you eat and what is in them.